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04 februar 2019


Greenland Oil Spill Response, a company established by the Greenland Government, based in Nuuk, has as of the 4th February 2019 appointed its new Managing Director.                                                                      

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Press release; Misleading sensational journalism on online newspaper

14 Juli 2016

Based on a so called § 37 question raised in the Greenlandic                                    Parlament, the online newspaper sermitsiaq.ag choose to                                    publish an article under a headline that is best translated as                                          “Greenland Oil Spill Response at the verge of bankruptcy”

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Joint exercise between Greenland Oil Spill Response and Oil Spill Response Limited

15 April 2016

With the purpose of testing equipment and personnel in                                               cold/Arctic conditions, a so-called “cold weather exercise”                                        was carried out between Greenland Oil Spill Response (GOSR)                                       and Oil Spill Response Ltd. (OSRL), in the days 8-21 March                                            2016

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GOSR in EU-funded consortium for the development of Arctic oil spill response

16 February 2016

Greenland Oil Spill Response (GOSR) and their international                                           cooperation partners formed a consortium with the purpose                                        of researching and improving Arctic oil spill response

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Greenland Oil Spill Response signs MoU with the world’s largest oil spill emergency response organisation

                                                 16 June 2014