March, 2013

Greenland Oil Spill Response, a company established by the Greenland Government, based in Nuuk, has as of the 15th March 2013 appointed its Managing Director

In the summer of 2013 the Greenland Government decided to establish the company Greenland Oil Spill Response as a 100 percent government owned company. The objects of the company are to carry on activities relating to oil pollution preparedness, oil pollution response, environmental clean-up of oil pollution and any other related activity within the mineral resource area in Greenland. The long term goal is to develop the company as an active oil spill response company in accordance with international standard.

As Managing Director the company has employed 33 year old Lonnie Bogø Wilms, former acting head of the license department at the Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum (Government of Greenland) in Nuuk. Lonnie Bogø Wilms holds a Master’s degree in Business, Language and Culture and has in her former job with the Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum held a wide range of responsibilities, e.g. assessment of oil spill response plans from oil companies carrying out activities in Greenland. She has gone through relevant educations and courses within preparedness and HSE as well as having played a major role in the establishment of Greenland Oil Spill Response.
The BOD has high expectations to the new MD and are fully confident that the tasks and challenges will be solved to the highest standards and that the new MD will be able to take Greenland Oil Spill Response to the next level in the international market.
The Board of Directors are Mr. Steen O. Hansen, Danbor A/S , Mrs. Oddbjørg Greiner NOFO (Chairman),  and Mrs. Hanne Berthels, Air Greenland.

For further information: contact - Steen O. Hansen on mobile +45 40297640.