Since 2014 Greenland Oil Spill Response has provided oil spill response training in cooperation with Blue Petrel Consulting enabling us to provide IMO OPRC Model courses as well as courses specifically tailored for Arctic and Greenlandic conditions.

In cooperation with Blue Petrel Consulting, Greenland Oil Spill response offer the following courses:



























The training courses are conducted in English but consecutive translation to Greenlandic and/or Danish can be arranged at an agreed fee.

Blue Petrel Consulting has over twenty five years of experience working in the oil spill preparedness and response industry. Richard Tatner who is the founder of Blue Petrel Consulting and an International Maritime organization (IMO) approved consultant will be the principle instructor delivering the training offered by Greenland Oil Spill Response. For further information on Blue Petrel Consulting, please see; . Klaus Jensen from Greenland Oil Spill Response will deliver the training elements specific to Greenlandic conditions.

Greenland Oil Spill Response only uses local and approved boat charter companies for deployment exercise and field trip purposes to support our training courses.

For more information on training courses, please contact Christian de Renouard at +299 551810 or e-mail: